Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Students and Purple Card Holders

The deal below is now discontinued:
Mondays 9-3, £5 off usual price, Only £24 for an hour OR £18 for 45 mins for purple card holders, at Concept Hair and Beauty Salon

I haven't had any take up of the deal from my own efforts to promote it.
The Purple Card rep at Lancaster University never responded to my email about adding my business to the Purple Card webpage.
I am no longer at Concept on Mondays. 

I will however give any student who asks a couple of extra stamps to get you started on my loyalty card scheme which can earn 25% off, half price, or a free treatment :)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Goodbye to Concept Hair and Beauty


After over 2 years based at 
Concept Hair and Beauty
on a Monday,
its time to move on. 

I am now exclusively based at 
my lovely 'Holistyx Therapy room'
near Lancaster town centre, 
just up from Dalton Square 
at 1 East Road, LA1 1EE

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Gift That Gives Back! Gift Voucher + 20% off for yourself

Until 15 December 2012

Buy a Holistyx Gift Voucher 
to the value of £20 or more

Get 20% off 
any treatment for yourself. 

Do you know someone who would really enjoy, appreciate and benefit from a treatment?
Do you sometimes find it difficult to find the right thing for a special person? 
For a thoughtful, special, quality gift, something a little bit different,
buy a Holistyx Gift Voucher.

Vouchers are valid for 12 weeks from the date of purchase, the expiry date is given on the Voucher. The 20% for yourself is valid for the same period of time.

To purchase, phone or email me with the following details:

Which value of Voucher you wish to buy - £20, £23, £29, £34, £39 or £45.
(View Price List to see which treatments would be covered by each price.)
Your full name, address and telephone number.
The name of the recipent - the person the gift is for. Gift Vouchers must be purchased for someone else, not used for yourself.
Their address if you would like me to send the Voucher directly to them.
If the gift is for a special occasion eg Christmas,Yule, Hannukah, Birthday, as I have special envelopes for different occasions. 
Any message you would like to me to include.
Their contact number if you would like me to ring them a couple of weeks before the expiry date to remind them in the event that they have not yet booked an appointment.
The date you would need the voucher to arrive by.

I will then tell you my mailing address, and you can send me a cheque for the appropriate amount.
I will then post you or the recipient the voucher as soon as I receive your cheque.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Seasonal Saturday Shopper Special: 1/2 Hr of Foot Massage and Reflexology for Only £12!

Do you enjoy shopping on a Saturday at this time of year? Or will you be pounding the pavement, pushing through the crowds, carrying loads of shopping bags, increasingly tired and fed up? Going home frazzled? Wondering why people call it the season of cheer instead of the season of pressure and stress?! Wondering when you get time for YOU?

Here's an alternative! Plan ahead for a little time out for yourself. Ease your aching feet. Unwind, relax, de-stress. Go back home feeling calm and with happy feet!

Sound good? To book yourself in with me for a half an hour of foot massage and Reflexology on a Saturday afternoon for the discounted rate of only £12,  call 07888 692803 or email me on Holistyx@gmail.com. 

AT: 1 East Road, Lancaster, LA1 1EE.
Its just up from Dalton Square opposite the Cathedral. Take Nelson Street, this continues into East Road on the other side of St Peters Road, and Number 1 is the first house of the terrace, just past Glebe Court and City Heights Close.

WHEN: Sat 20th Nov, sat 24th Nov, Sat 1st Dec, Sat 8th Dec, and Sat 15th Dec between 12 and 6pm.
I am closed on Saturday 22nd December, sorry, that's me giving myself some time out! ;)

MORE INFO:  Reflexology

If you think you should be focusing on giving to others at this time of year - easy! - share this offer with them as well! :D

Happy shopping!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Student Discount for Purple Card Holders

Mondays 9-3, £5 off usual price 
Only £24 for an hour OR £18 for 45 mins for purple card holders

41 China Street, Lancaster, LA1 1EX

The Purple card is the Students’ Union card for Lancaster University.

Swedish Massage

Deep and vigorous body massage. Relaxing and invigorating. Excellent for stiff and knotted muscles, and relieving tension, aches, pains and fatigue. 45 mins for back, neck, upper chest and shoulders, or an hour for more intensive work on knots or problem areas, or to include arms and hands, which can hold more tension than you realise from writing, typing, texting, and working a mouse.
More info 

Indian Head Massage

Spent too long hunched over your studies? Stiff neck and shoulders, tension headaches or eye strain? Finding it hard to take it all in due to mental fatigue or problems concentrating? Try this seated massage to upper back, shoulders, neck, arms, scalp and face, plus energy balancing to help you relax and focus. Or the 45 minute shoulders, neck and head.
More info


Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the principle that the feet can be seen as a 'map' of the body, with reflexes - specific areas on the feet - corresponding to different parts of the body. More than just a foot rub - pressure on these reflex points aims to release tension and blocked energies, provide stress-relief, and restore flow, balance and relaxation and a sense of wellbeing throughout the whole body. An hour treatment is recommended for an initial session. 
More info


Slow, gentle, deeply relaxing massage. With a wonderful smelling blend of pure essential oils to enhance your health and wellbeing with natural therapeutic properties to address any specific health issues you may have and/or how you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 45 mins for back, neck, upper chest and shoulders, or an hour for deeper work or to include arms and hands.
More info

To book 07888 692803 or  Holistyx@gmail.com
Also please like my Facebook Page. :)

(PS I attended Lancaster University myself, County College, 1991-1995, BA Hons RS)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

World Reflexology Week and a fabulous Testimonial


Its World Reflexology Week! I am really busy this week though, too busy to do any special promotions or get an influx of clients from a special offer!

BUT next Monday the 1st October is quiet - SO if you would like Reflexology on Monday? You can have £5 off my usual prices.

 Eg an hour session, usually £29, offer price only £24. On Monday only - so book now to be sure to get in on the offer! Phone 07888 692803.

Fabulous Reflexology Testimonial 

"Yesterday Ceri visited House Morgain and did a reflexology treatment on my feet. I knew the basics of how it works but had never actually had the experience before. It did always seem logical to me because there are so many nerve endings in the feet. I also knew how sensitively feet express emotions. But in my long experience over decades it is not so much the -ology or the -ism as it who does it. This is certainly true of Ceri. She is a gentle, patient, deeply intuitive healer who yet has that touch of ruthless certainty where to be tough. Again and again she “touched on” a zone which connected with the health problems I have, without me telling her what they are. She “listened” to my body and then talked to it in no uncertain terms! It was a delicious experience of trust to receive her care. Safe hands. Afterwards I went to bed and slept deeply, more deeply and more thoroughly than I have in months. The stresses of these challenging months fell away from me. Today I am striding about, lighter on my feet than for so long. My back is stronger. My head which was muzzy with fatigue, has cleared. My mind is bright and quick and I have cleared a big load of work so I’m caught up. Plus done some satisfying tidying around the House and handled some bundles of complexity without strain. Who is this woman I am today? I like her! To all those who live anywhere near Lancaster I so envy you. You can go Ceri at Holystix to get refreshed, heal, gain strength and increase brightness and pleasure in life. You lucky people!"

Shan Morgain, Newport, Gwent. 17th August 2012

Saturday, 30 June 2012

A lovely reply to an email. :)

I always send new clients who give me their email addresses an email with some info, links to further info here on my website they may find helpful, links to my facebook page, etc, and saying thanks for coming to me. Its not very often I get a reply - I suspect some of them end up in people's spam mail! Sometimes I do however, and this is the nicest one I've had for a while!

"Hi Ceri,

Thanks for your email, and also for my wonderful massage, you certainly made my weekend, never mind the day, I spent most of Sunday wandering around like a zombie because I was so relaxed!
I'm so looking forward to my head massage in just over a week, yay!
Thanks again for a truly lovely experience and I'm counting down the days to my next session!

Take care and see you then :)



Monday, 25 June 2012

New Testimonial for Swedish Massage

"If I was my cat I'd be purring right now. Feels like you've stretched me right out and put everything back where it should be. You seem to know my body, just what I need, you're perfect for me. You seem to really get in there, not too light, firm but never painful. Wish I'd found you years ago. "
Ms Audrey Langhorn, Wray

Friday, 22 June 2012

Celebrating One Hundred Facebook Followers with a Prize Draw

I recently got close to 100 likes on my Facebook page. I'd seen a while ago a few pages who had given a gift to their hundredth follower, and thought it was a good idea, but then had what I thought was an even better idea - a prize draw! Then all my followers would have an equal chance to win something, my longstanding supporters as well as the new ones.

I decided to offer:
First prize - 1 person will win an hour massage or Reflexology session of their choice FREE. Runners up - 2 people will win an hour session HALF PRICE.
  with 3 names selected at random from my local followers.

Well I publicised the fact I was going to do this which got me some new followers, which is great. Then when I got to one hundred, the prize draw, and 3 lucky and happy winners!

It felt good to celebrate my first 100 followers like this, I'll definitely do it again when I get to 200, and I think I might do something similar when I get to 150 even. :-)

If you'd like to sign up for more regular updates than I do here, including news, info on looking after yourself and increasing your health and wellbeing, and occasional special offers, go to https://www.facebook.com/Holistyx and click 'like'.  :-)

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Discount Scheme! - Loyalty Cards

I am no longer offering discounted packages for 5 weekly, fortnightly or 3-weekly appointments pre-booked and pre-paid in cash. Instead, I am bringing in a loyalty card scheme so all my clients can be rewarded with discounts for ongoing custom, regardless of how frequently you attend, and without having to book and pay for treatments in advance.

A session of an hour or less = 1 stamp
A session of an hour and a quarter or more = 2 stamps
You can choose whether to use your stamps when you get to 8 stamps, for 25% off, to wait until you have collected 12 stamps and get a 1/2 price treatment, or until you have a full card of 16 stamps to receive a treatment absolutely free.
For example
- If you came for a full body massage once a week, collecting 2 stamps a week, it would only take you 8 weeks to have a full card and on the 9th week your massage would be completely free.
- If you came every 3 weeks for a back massage, it would take you 48 weeks to get 16 stamps and receive a completely free treatment, that's 11 months. So you might choose to trade in your card at 8 stamps (that would take 5 1/2 months) for 25% off or at 12 stamps (which would take 8 months) to get a half price treatment.

My recommend a friend offer is continuing - £5 off your next treatment when a friend has a treatment on your recommendation.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New Testimonial :)

"I started having treatments with Ceri at Holistyx because of a recurring back problem. Since that time my body has thrown up many and varied challenges which Ceri has always met with empathy, interest and skill. She always reviews my health every session and tailors my treatment to suit. In addition to managing my back better I would usually have up to 4 chest infections a year but have only had one in the last 12 months. My work is often very stressful and Ceri addresses this in my treatments too. I look forward to my treatments with Ceri and consider them to be a really good investment in maintaining my physical and mental wellbeing."

Kirstie Gorman, Lancaster

Monday, 9 January 2012

Price List 2012

Happy New Year! Here's my new price list for 2012:

Swedish Massage

Indian Head Massage