Swedish Massage

“Ceri is an expert knowledgeable therapist who can spot where my pain is before telling her. She made my continuous back-pain tolerable. Thank you Ceri.” Ms Taghreed Alghaith, Lancaster.
"After a thorough and extremely professional consultation the massage provided was wonderfully de-stressing and exactly what was needed. All of my aches and pains were vanished away and I found myself exactly where I wanted to be. With the friendly atmosphere she creates and her calm manner Ceri Turner is a therapist I would recommend to everyone. (I'm looking forward to my next visit already!)" Ms Mish Liddle, Lancaster.
"Ceri Turner is a gifted therapist who, in my view, has developed just the right balance and approach to her work. She is very professional, but also relaxed, friendly and reassuring. Special qualities. Her actual therapy treatments are worth every one of my hard-earned pennies...and some!"
Mr Steve Langhorn, Wray.
"Ceri is skilled, considerate, insightful and professional. After her massages I have a greater range of movement and feel the benefit of the deep pressure in my neck and shoulders where mothering duties have taken their toll."
Ms Louise Mosey, Lancaster
"If I was my cat I'd be purring right now. Feels like you've stretched me right out and put everything back where it should be. You seem to know my body, just what I need, you're perfect for me. You seem to really get in there, not too light, firm but never painful. Wish I'd found you years ago." Mrs Audrey Langhorn, Wray.
"Ceri provides an amazing massage that leaves you feeling very calm and relaxed. She is very knowledgable and researched the best treatment for me catering for my disability. She listens attentively to what you would like before making suggestions. I would highly recomend Holistyx."
Ms T. Brown, Heysham.

"Very effective. Have had a long standing shoulder injury which has caused a lot of pain in the last year. This is much better following good deep work. Ceri uses great firm pressure and good flowing massage. I have done a massage course myself and have had lots of massage over the last 10 years. Ceri's was definately one of the best - she has a natural feel for this. I would highly recommend her."
Mr Colin Potter, Lancaster

Indian Head Massage

"My massage with Ceri was a wonderful birthday present. She offered me an appointment at a time that suited me, and made me feel very welcome. She sorted out all the tension in my shoulder, and left me feeling wonderful after an indian head massage - floaty and clear headed at the same time!"
Ms Clare Brown, Lancaster.

"Ceri is very kind and caring. Listened carefully to my needs. Very sensitive in her energy work (chakras) but also very good in the physical massage. She combines both very well. Thanks a lot! :) "
Ms Lucia Dotzek, Kendal.

Aromatherapy Massage

"I was very impressed with the results of the several, very relaxing, aromatherapy treatments which I received from Ceri, which gave me relief from the stress of road accident injuries. I would recommend her very highly to anyone in need of one of the therapies she provides. The treatment she provides is great value for money."
Mr H Parker, Lancaster.
"I started having treatments with Ceri at Holistyx because of a recurring back problem. Since that time my body has thrown up many and varied challenges which Ceri has always met with empathy, interest and skill. She always reviews my health every session and tailors my treatment to suit. In addition to managing my back better I would usually have up to 4 chest infections a year but have only had one in the last 12 months. My work is often very stressful and Ceri addresses this in my treatments too. I look forward to my treatments with Ceri and consider them to be a really good investment in maintaining my physical and mental wellbeing."
Ms Kirstie Gorman, Lancaster.

"Fantastic. Really difficult not to fall asleep. Instantly relaxed and enjoyed the massage all the way through. Feel very content. Very Very Very relaxed. Don't think I have ever been so relaxed because I am very difficult to relax in massage."
Ms C. E Dinsdale, Penrith. 


"Careful and considerate treatment with empathetic understanding of its effects on the patient, clearly based on sound knowledge of bodily energies and inter-connections."
Mr Paul Shackley, Lancaster.
"I have visited Ceri at Holistyx for reflexology. She conducted a very thorough review of my health and my reasons for trying reflexology for the first time. A few days after my very first visit I realised that I no longer had the extremely annoying throat clearing cough I've had for over 40 years. It had been such an ever present part of my life I'd forgotten to mention it during the health review. It is over a month since my first visit and I'm about to have my third treatment and the cough has not returned. It's amazing! The sessions I've had have been extremely relaxing and I leave with a great sense of well-being. They are going to be a regular part of my keeping healthy regime." 
AND LATER  "I must write to let you know that you are a MIRACLE WORKER! From the minute you finished my reflexology treatment on Monday I have not have any lower back ache nor any muscle spasms in my left rib area which I'd been experiencing from either the bed or the armchair at the holiday cottage in Alnwick. Fantastic. Thought I'd wait a few days to make sure. And I'm away in a hotel with my Mum so not even in my own bed and I'm back to my normal self."
"Really relaxing, uplifting and thoroughly enjoyable. Ceri is very intuitive and works on all the places I feel need it. After a treatment I feel much more grounded, and clear and peaceful, and much more alive and flexible. My feet often feel swollen, puffy and throbbing when I arrive and afterwards feel relieved, supple, relaxed and brilliant!
Ms Chloe Fenton, Lancaster.
"Extremely professional, thorough and considerate of my needs, and insightful - Ceri is great at explaining what she's doing and helping me to understand the connections to my body and emotions. Ceri seems to have a good intuitive understanding. My feet felt pampered and cared for and I felt nicely relaxed and listened to."
Ms Karen Allen, Lancaster.

"Lovely experience, Nearly flying today!"
Mrs Elisabeth Jeffries, Kendal.
"Yesterday Ceri visited House Morgain and did a reflexology treatment on my feet. I knew the basics of how it works but had never actually had the experience before. It did always seem logical to me because there are so many nerve endings in the feet. I also knew how sensitively feet express emotions. But in my long experience over decades it is not so much the -ology or the -ism as it who does it. This is certainly true of Ceri. She is a gentle, patient, deeply intuitive healer who yet has that touch of ruthless certainty where to be tough. Again and again she “touched on” a zone which connected with the health problems I have, without me telling her what they are. She “listened” to my body and then talked to it in no uncertain terms! It was a delicious experience of trust to receive her care. Safe hands. Afterwards I went to bed and slept deeply, more deeply and more thoroughly than I have in months. The stresses of these challenging months fell away from me. Today I am striding about, lighter on my feet than for so long. My back is stronger. My head which was muzzy with fatigue, has cleared. My mind is bright and quick and I have cleared a big load of work so I’m caught up. Plus done some satisfying tidying around the House and handled some bundles of complexity without strain. Who is this woman I am today? I like her! To all those who live anywhere near Lancaster I so envy you. You can go Ceri at Holystix to get refreshed, heal, gain strength and increase brightness and pleasure in life. You lucky people!"
Ms Shan Morgain
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