Thursday, 4 October 2012

Student Discount for Purple Card Holders

Mondays 9-3, £5 off usual price 
Only £24 for an hour OR £18 for 45 mins for purple card holders

41 China Street, Lancaster, LA1 1EX

The Purple card is the Students’ Union card for Lancaster University.

Swedish Massage

Deep and vigorous body massage. Relaxing and invigorating. Excellent for stiff and knotted muscles, and relieving tension, aches, pains and fatigue. 45 mins for back, neck, upper chest and shoulders, or an hour for more intensive work on knots or problem areas, or to include arms and hands, which can hold more tension than you realise from writing, typing, texting, and working a mouse.
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Indian Head Massage

Spent too long hunched over your studies? Stiff neck and shoulders, tension headaches or eye strain? Finding it hard to take it all in due to mental fatigue or problems concentrating? Try this seated massage to upper back, shoulders, neck, arms, scalp and face, plus energy balancing to help you relax and focus. Or the 45 minute shoulders, neck and head.
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Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the principle that the feet can be seen as a 'map' of the body, with reflexes - specific areas on the feet - corresponding to different parts of the body. More than just a foot rub - pressure on these reflex points aims to release tension and blocked energies, provide stress-relief, and restore flow, balance and relaxation and a sense of wellbeing throughout the whole body. An hour treatment is recommended for an initial session. 
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Slow, gentle, deeply relaxing massage. With a wonderful smelling blend of pure essential oils to enhance your health and wellbeing with natural therapeutic properties to address any specific health issues you may have and/or how you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 45 mins for back, neck, upper chest and shoulders, or an hour for deeper work or to include arms and hands.
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(PS I attended Lancaster University myself, County College, 1991-1995, BA Hons RS)

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