Advice & Care Before During & After Reflexology

Before Your Appointment

Please discuss it with me if:

- you have a serious or infectious medical condition or take prescribed medication, as you may need to check with your G.P or specialist before going ahead.

- have any conditions in the feet such as arthritis, bruising, infections, strains or sprains.

- you are undergoing fertility treatment, as we should time Reflexology appointments appropriately alongside your treatment schedule.

Please also be aware I am not currently taking pregnant clients for Reflexology.

Ideally avoid alcohol and cigarettes, and minimise caffeine before your session.

Washing your feet on the day of the appointment is appreciated, but don’t worry if you’ve been out and about all day since then!

Try and arrive 5 minutes before your appointment so you can use the toilet if you need to, drink some water and be relaxed and calm.

During the Session

In the consultation before you get on the couch, please let me know any changes in your medical condition or general health and wellbeing, how you felt after your previous session, and what you want from this session.

Feedback is welcome during and after your treatment. Let me know if you feel too hot or cold, need a tissue, need to go to the toilet, don't like the music or want the volume changed, etc.

I want you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

You may relax so much you drift off, perhaps even go to sleep, or you may find yourself paying attention to the different sensations of the treatment.

If you notice areas of discomfort, try taking a few deep slow breaths, focusing on letting go of tension as you breathe out. Do please let me know if at any point the treatment is painful or too intense.

After the Session

If possible, take it easy for a while after a treatment. Perhaps have a nap if you feel like it.

Drink plenty of fluids, ideally water or herbal teas.

Ideally, continue to avoid alcohol and cigarettes and minimise caffeine for the rest of the day. Avoid eating a heavy meal.

Most of my Reflexology clients report feeling really good after a session, with benefits such as:

a sense of relaxation and wellbeing
relief from stress, anxiety and tension
improved mood
mental clarity and calmness
the feet feeling wonderful
a really good nights sleep

Be aware that as you respond to the energies released by the treatment it may take a while to come back to balance and there are various other reactions which may occur, such as:

- Increased thirst
- increased need to wee or open the bowel
- feeling more tired or more energised
- changes in sleep patterns
- changes in temperature
- mild nausea
- a temporary worsening of other symptoms
- emotional release and changes such as feeling
happier, more irritable or more sensitive,
- cold like symptoms such as increased sweating, headache, or stuffy, blocked or runny nose
- sensations in parts of the body whose reflexes have been worked,
 including aches in areas of habitual tension

This is called a healing reaction. It should clear in the next 24-48 hours as the body balances itself.

Please let me know on your next visit any responses you may have had. If however you feel concerned about anything following your treatment do not hesitate to call me for advice - or if you cannot reach me, your symptoms worsen, and your symptoms lasts more than 48 hours, call your G.P as it is likely there is another reason for how you are feeling.

Please see About Reflexology for more information on what happens during a treatment, the theory behind it, a map of the feet showing the benefits of Reflexology and session times and prices.

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