Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is sometimes simply called Body Massage , Relaxation Massage, or Classic Massage.
Do you get tense, tired and stressed by the end of a hard day? This is a vigorous style of massage to really work areas of tension - both relaxing and invigorating - but can be adapted to your preference - which I am very happy to do. For example, some people prefer a lighter, gentler more gliding massage for relaxation; some prefer sustained pressure; some want 'deep tissue' work into specific tight and knotty areas of fascia and muscles.

In Swedish massage, the client lies on a couch and the massage therapist performs a rage of techniques on the body's soft tissues using hands, forearms, or occasionally wrists or elbows. The skin is usually lubricated with oil, though cream, or wax may also be used. The body is covered with towels and these are folded back from each area as it is worked on and then replaced, leaving private areas covered at all times.
"If I was my cat I'd be purring right now. Feels like you've stretched me right out and  put everything back where it should be. You seem to know my body, just what I need, you're perfect for me. You seem to really get in there, not too light, firm but never painful. Wish I'd found you years ago. " 
Ms Audrey Langhorn, Wray

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a great treatment to promote and maintain your health. As well as being thoroughly enjoyable, it can provide:
  • relaxation
  • stress relief
  • relief from muscular tension, aches, pain, fatigue and stiff and knotted muscles
  • improved muscular tone and response 
  • reduced inflammation
  • improved range, ease and freedom of movement
  • improved posture
  • support for a fitness regime or sport practice
  • increased circulation
  • lymphatic drainage and de-toxification
  • rejuvenated skin
  • improved mental health - reduced anxiety and depression
  • a boost to your immune system and natural healing processes
  • a sense of restored energy, ease and wellbeing.

Back Pain and Massage

My most popular session is the back, shoulders, upper chest and neck massage. I offer a 45 minute session, or an hour for those who need more intensive work on knots or tense areas or who would simply enjoy a longer massage.

Back pain is a common problem that affects most people at some point in their life Most back pain gets better within 12 weeks. With acute pain like this massage can make recovery time much shorter and often provides immediate relief. Massage can also reduce pain and improve function in long term chronic back problems.
"Just to say thanks for fitting me in today. My neck/shoulder is soooo much better - brilliant thanks! If it happens again I'll book an appointment with you and forget the pain relief and anti-inflammatories!" 
Steph Hope, Lancaster
Back pain can be felt anywhere along your spine, from your neck down to your hips. Lower back pain is the most common, and can also involve sciatica where pain is referred down the legs. I find that many people - especially those who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk, a laptop, or a till at work all day - carry a lot of tension and get most knots and stiffness in the neck and shoulders, and this often reduces freedom of movement as well. Recovery from neck pain, frozen shoulder and whiplash can all be helped by massage. In arthritis of the spine (Ankylosing Spondylitis) massage can improve comfort and spinal flexibility. See NHS Choices for information on treating back pain, preventing back pain, and when to see your GP.
"Very effective. Have had a long standing shoulder injury which has caused a lot of pain in the last year. This is much better following good deep work. Ceri uses great firm pressure and good flowing massage. I have done a massage course myself and have had lots of massage over the last 10 years. Ceri's was definitely one of the best - she has a natural feel for this. I would highly recommend her." 
Mr Colin Potter, Lancaster

Techniques used in Swedish Massage

Effleurage - long sweeping gliding strokes, classically with the palm of the hand, though I also use the forearm.

Petrissage - lifting, kneading, rolling and squeezing movements using the palms of the hands.

Compression - pushing down on the body; may be done with the palm, perhaps with gentle rocking, or with thumbs, fingers or elbow on a point which needs releasing.

Frictions - firm, deep, rubbing movements either straight or circular.

Vibration - a very rapid back and forth trembling movement on a particular spot, e.g. an adhesion (knot) or trigger point, usually performed with the fingertips

Tapotement - brisk tapping or percussive movements - a quick choppy rhythmic movement, e.g. with cupped hands or the sides of the hands
"Ceri provides an amazing massage that leaves you feeling very calm and relaxedShe is very knowledgeable and researched the best treatment for me catering for my disability. She listens attentively to what you would like before making suggestions. I would highly recommend Holistyx." 
Ms T. Brown, Heysham.

With Aromatherapy

I am happy to add the use of aromatherapy oils to a Swedish style massage - this is very popular.

Swedish Massage Times and Prices

I am also happy to discuss variations on the above and combinations with my other therapies. A popular option is Swedish style massage with Aromatherapy, or the Indian Head Massage Back Special which combines Swedish and Indian Head Massage.

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