Feel your tension gently unwind and melt away with a flowing massage of slow sweeping strokes and pressure techniques - some light, some deep. Absorb a wonderful smelling blend of oils blended specifically for what you need for your holistic health and wellbeing as you let go into a deeper state of relaxation.
"Fantastic. Really difficult not to fall asleep. Instantly relaxed and enjoyed the massage all the way through. Feel very content. Very Very Very relaxed. Don't think I have ever been so relaxed because I am very difficult to relax in massage." 
Ms C. E Dinsdale, Penrith.

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of plant extracts called essential oils. These are the complex, concentrated, liquid vital essence of plants, extracted from many different types of plants (e.g. bushes, trees, herbs) and from different parts of plants (e.g. from the roots, leaves, seeds, bark, fruit, or flowers) and have a wonderful natural 'aroma' - a distinctive smell or fragrance.

The aroma enters the nose and is carried up and back through the olfactory system - which gives you your sense of smell - directly to the limbic system, which is the emotional centre of the brain. Smells literally directly tap into feelings. This is why aromatherapy can have such a dramatic effect on mind and mood and is so good at supporting mind, emotions and spirit with issues like bereavement or stress, with helping to lift you out of depression, calm anxiety, balance mood swings and to generate positive mental and emotional states such as concentration, or peace.

On a more physical or physiological level, essential oils can also be used therapeutically through being absorbed through the skin, and into the bloodstream, from where they are taken around the body and can help with various physical conditions. Digestive issues; pain or inflammation in muscles or joints; menstrual/hormonal problems; viral, fungal or bacterial infections; skin conditions; poor circulation; or asthma being just a few examples.
"I started having treatments with Ceri at Holistyx because of a recurring back problem. Since that time my body has thrown up many and varied challenges which Ceri has always met with empathy, interest and skill. She always reviews my health every session and tailors my treatment to suit. In addition to managing my back better I would usually have up to 4 chest infections a year but have only had one in the last 12 months. My work is often very stressful and Ceri addresses this in my treatments too. I look forward to my treatments with Ceri and consider them to be a really good investment in maintaining my physical and mental wellbeing." 
Ms Kirstie Gorman, Lancaster

Aromatherapy Massage

I select 2-5 of the highest quality ethically sourced essential oils. I consider any specific health issues you may have; how you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; which properties and affects will be of particular benefit to you; what you will be doing for the rest of the day; and which oils will combine to make a balanced, harmonious and synergistic blend in terms of smell and effect.

Once selected, the essential oils are blended together and added to a carrier massage oil suited to your skin type and for additional beneficial properties, such as anti-fungal, moisturising, warming, pain-relieving or anti-rheumatic.

As with Swedish massage, the client lies on a couch and the massage therapist performs a range of techniques on the body's soft tissues using hands, forearms, or occasionally wrists or elbows. The body is covered with towels and these are folded back from each area as it is worked on and then replaced, leaving private areas covered at all times.

Aromatherapy massage has a style, of long slow sweeping strokes and a rhythmical flow which gives a feeling of unwinding and deepening levels of relaxation, balance and ease. Pressure techniques from neuromuscular and shiatsu massage are also used to balance nerve supply, reflexes and meridians. It feels gentler than Swedish massage because of the slow careful approach but rest assured any deeper knots and problem areas will be thoroughly addressed.

However, if you prefer the faster, more vigorous, invigorating and stimulating style of Swedish massage, but with the benefits of Aromatherapy oils - let me know and I am very happy to do that.

A full body Aromatherapy massage covers legs and feet, abdomen, back and neck, top of chest and shoulders, arms and hands, face and head.

"I was very impressed with the results of the several, very relaxing, aromatherapy treatments which I received from Ceri, which gave me relief from the stress of road accident injuries. I would recommend her very highly to anyone in need of one of the therapies she provides. The treatment she provides is great value for money."
Mr H Parker, Lancaster.
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Aromatherapy Times and Prices

I am also happy to discuss other variations on options given, eg Aromatherapy Indian Head Massage, or face and scalp massage alone... please ask!

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