Monday, 18 July 2011

NEW! Indian Head Massage Back Special.

I am really excited about this new session, developed with a client who asked me to combine Swedish Back Massage with Indian Head Massage. I really love it! So does one of my regular clients who tried it and now has switched to this as her regular session. It costs £37 and takes an hour and a half to get your whole upper body really well worked and deeply relaxed. First you lie down on your front on the couch for deep work on whole back using both Swedish and Indian techniques, really working on any knots and areas of tension. Then you turn over (covered with a towel) for Swedish work on the upper chest/neck/shoulders, and Ayur Vedic pressure points on face and scalp. Then (with a velcroed towel wrap) you get up and sit on a chair for full head massage and hair stroking, followed by more work - Indian style - to any remaining tension or knots in the neck and shoulders and then going down the arms. Finishing with the chakras and energy field being balanced and grounded. Come and try it out - phone me on 07888 692803 and book today!

PS - there is more information about Indian Head Massage here. :)