Advice & Care Before During & After Massage

Before Your Appointment

Please inform me if you have a serious medical condition or are taking prescribed medication. For repeat clients, let me know if you are diagnosed with a new condition, start new medication or are taken off medication. Please also let me know if you have a fever, diarrhoea or vomiting, are pregnant, or have a infectious or contagious disease - including colds which are causing coughing or sneezing.

In such cases, treatment may not be advisable; a different treatment to what you have booked might be advisable; you may need to check with your G.P or specialist before going ahead; or you may need to reschedule your appointment.

· It is best to avoid alcohol and cigarettes, and minimise caffeine for 12 hours before your appointment. Avoiding alcohol is particularly important if receiving head massage.

· Avoid eating a heavy or very spicy meal.

· If you wish to have a heat treatment (eg sauna, steam room, wraps) on the same day, it is more beneficial to do so before your massage.

· Have a shower or a bath as close to the appointment as you can. As well as making you clean and hygienic, your skin will absorb oils much more effectively. With this is mind, also avoid applying any products to your skin after washing. If coming for Aromatherapy, particularly avoid fragranced products as the chemicals and aromas may not combine well.

· For treatments which include the face (eg Aromatherapy full body massage, full Indian head massage) you may wish to avoid wearing make-up. However if you choose to wear it I can remove it for you.
· Try and arrive 5 minutes before your appointment so you
can use the toilet if you need to, drink some water (hydrated muscles allow for greater deeper work)and can be relaxed and calm.

During The Session

In the Consultation:

Let me know what you want from the session. Ask any questions you have and let me know if you have any concerns. 

Inform me if you:

· are able to relax after the treatment or have to be busy and focused as I can adapt the treatment accordingly.

· have developed any changes to your medical condition or general health, including any from the list in the section above if you have not informed me prior to the appointment. 

· have any areas of discomfort or pain, including abdominal  discomfort from a heavy meal, constipation, or menstruation. 

· are affected by alcohol or intoxicating drugs (eg have taken any in the previous 12 hours) and for Aromatherapy, if you are planning to drink alcohol later on (as there are certain euphoric essential oils I must avoid).

· have developed any skin conditions (including conjunctivitiis, cold sores or nits).

· have any bruises, cuts or abrasions, sunburn, inflammation or scarring,  or undiagnosed lumps bumps, swellings or rashes in the area to be treated.

· Aromatherapy: are planning to go on a sunbed / be out in strong sunlight (as there are certain phototoxic essential oils I must avoid).

During the Massage:

· Inform me what you need for your comfort and to relax, enjoy and benefit from the session as much as possible.

Eg If you are uncomfortable,  too hot or cold, need a tissue,
need to go to the toilet, don't like the music or want the volume changed, want lighter or firmer pressure, or want more or less work on a particular area, let me know.

· It is up to you if you prefer to remain conscious of your body, or to drift off mentally or even go to sleep. If you notice areas of discomfort during the massage, try taking a few deep slow breaths, focusing on letting go of tension as you breathe out.

· It is also up to you if you wish to speak or not. It is however helpful if you do not talk while work is done on the neck, head and face.

Before You Leave:

Let me know how you feel; what you enjoyed or didn't enjoy; any benefits you feel you have had from the session; and anything you would like me to have done differently, or would prefer next time.

After The Session 


Everyone is different and may react differently to a massage treatment. Your body might take some time to re-adjust.

In my experience it is common to feel deep relaxation, with tiredness or sleepiness, some aching and sensation in muscles that have been deeply worked, and to sleep more soundly. 

Other reactions which sometimes occur are increased thirst, increased need to wee and sometimes darker urine, feeling energised, changes in temperature, emotional changes such as feeling happier, more irritable or more sensitive, mild nausea, or cold like symptoms such as increased sweating, headache, or stuffy, blocked or runny nose. Massage may also cause a temporary worsening of symptoms. This is called a healing reaction. It should clear in the next 24-48 hours as the body balances itself.

Please let me know on your next visit any responses you may have had. If however you feel concerned about anything following your treatment do not hesitate to call me for advice - or if you cannot reach me, your symptoms worsen, and your symptoms lasts more than 48 hours, call your G.P.


· Take care if driving home as your reflexes might be slower – or get someone else to pick you up so you can just relax.

· Cold and particularly cold winds, can make you tense up, so make sure you keep warm enough to stay comfortable and relaxed.

· Avoid strenuous exercise or activity, and rushing around or stressful situations for a few hours. Take it easy, and if you feel tired, have a rest or a nap if you can - it will make the muscles relax and make the benefits of the massage last longer.

· Drink plenty of fluids, ideally water, or herbal teas, especially if you feel tired or nauseous, as this may be caused by waste products being released into your bloodstream which need water to be eliminated from your body effectively.

· Ideally, avoid alcohol and cigarettes and minimise caffeine for 12-24 hours.

· Do have a snack or light meal to keep your blood sugar levels up – especially if you feel at all faint, dizzy or light headed. However avoid a heavy meal for around 4-6 hours.

· Pay attention to general posture. Notice any improved posture from the massage and see if you can retain it with awareness,  relaxation, and gentle joint mobilisations and stretches,  instead of returning to old habits.

· If you feel a little over-oiled feel free to wipe down with the towels before you get dressed, but don't be in a hurry to wash the oil off. The oils are very beneficial to your skin which will continue to absorb the oil after the massage. This is particularly important with Aromatherapy.

· If you have oil in your hair, leave it on as long as possible for healthier, softer, shinier hair. When you next wash your hair, instead of wetting your hair first, make sure to apply the shampoo to dry hair so the shampoo will mix with the oils ensuring they are more thoroughly removed. Do a 2nd wash.

Please see Swedish MassageAromatherapy and Indian Head Massage for detailed information on each type of massage, the different options available, the benefits to you, and session times and prices.


  1. Very useful advice. Thank you so much for putting all these points together. Do you have this in pamphlet form for those not on line? Should be in every therapist's waiting room!

    1. Yes I do have a version of this in pamphlet form which I am giving out to all my clients. Thanks for your positive feedback!