Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Discount Scheme! - Loyalty Cards

I am no longer offering discounted packages for 5 weekly, fortnightly or 3-weekly appointments pre-booked and pre-paid in cash. Instead, I am bringing in a loyalty card scheme so all my clients can be rewarded with discounts for ongoing custom, regardless of how frequently you attend, and without having to book and pay for treatments in advance.

A session of an hour or less = 1 stamp
A session of an hour and a quarter or more = 2 stamps
You can choose whether to use your stamps when you get to 8 stamps, for 25% off, to wait until you have collected 12 stamps and get a 1/2 price treatment, or until you have a full card of 16 stamps to receive a treatment absolutely free.
For example
- If you came for a full body massage once a week, collecting 2 stamps a week, it would only take you 8 weeks to have a full card and on the 9th week your massage would be completely free.
- If you came every 3 weeks for a back massage, it would take you 48 weeks to get 16 stamps and receive a completely free treatment, that's 11 months. So you might choose to trade in your card at 8 stamps (that would take 5 1/2 months) for 25% off or at 12 stamps (which would take 8 months) to get a half price treatment.

My recommend a friend offer is continuing - £5 off your next treatment when a friend has a treatment on your recommendation.

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