Thursday, 1 February 2018

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Friday, 15 December 2017

🎄Gift vouchers for Christmas🎅🎁

Please pay and give me details required by 3pm on Wednesday 20th December in order for the person you are sending it to, to receive it in the post by Christmas Day. ✉

They receive a voucher, full info on my services and treatment options, my schedule, and advice and information about what to be aware of before, during and after a massage or Reflexology.

Appointments will not be available immediately. I am currently fully booked till February and a 5-7 week wait is usual. However, vouchers are valid for 4 months. Also, if you give me the recipients phone number or email address, if they haven't contacted me after a month I will contact them to remind them to book in.

Sessions include consultation and treatment time.

Easy pay option now available through PayPal Me includes £2 to cover transaction fees.

Contact me if you would prefer a different method of payment.

To pay now on PayPal click the appropriate link:

For a 45 min session (eg back massage) £32.  PayPal.Me/CeriTurner/32

For an hour (eg Indian head massage or extended back massage) £40.

For an hour and a 1/4 (eg Reflexology)
£48. PayPal.Me/CeriTurner/48

For an hour and a half (eg full body massage) £56. PayPal.Me/CeriTurner/56

Then, email me on or Messenger /FB message me please to let me know:

Your full name:

The name of the recipient - the person the gift is for:

The name and address to post the voucher to (whether that be your own or that of the recipient):

Their contact phone number or email address:

Any message you would like to me to include:

🎄Thanks! 🎅

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

New Prices From 1st Oct 2017

I usually raise my prices each year on the 1st January. It was suggested to me recently that this is a terrible time to put prices up. Many people have spent a lot of money on presents, and on celebrating Christmas, New Year and/or other Festivities and are going into the coldest time of year low on funds.

So I am changing when I put my prices up, to the 1st of October.

My new prices will be:

As previously, the same prices will apply based on the length of the session (including consultation and treatment) regardless of what treatment option you choose.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Re-decorated Therapy Room

I am very excited to share with you, photographs and video of my newly redecorated therapy room. :)

Redecoration thanks to my landlord Rev Phil Hudd who hosts Holistyx in his home, the vicarage at 1 East Road, Lancaster LA1 3EE.

Photography and Video by my partner, Chris Up Front.

​I really hope everyone likes the new look. So far, I am very happy to say, I have had lots of positive reactions and feedback.  :)

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available. 

3/4 hour voucher = £28

1 hour voucher = £35​

hour and a 1/4 voucher = £43​

hour and a half ​ voucher = £50​

Gift vouchers were previously valid for 12 weeks (just under 3 months). This hasn't felt long enough for a while now, as I am usually fully booked for 5-6 weeks and for Saturdays or evenings its often longer. So they are now valid for 4 months.

​​If you w​ould like a gift voucher ​please ​get in touch. Its easiest for me by email - that way as I send you some questions and you can type in the answers. Or if you prefer you can phone me on 07888 692803. We can arrange payment by cash, cheque, PayPal, or direct bank transfer.

To guarantee arrival for Christmas ​(or Hannakah) ​through the post, please contact me ASAP and at the latest by next Monday 19th Dec

What you get:

- the voucher, valid for 4 months, with issue date and expiry date completed.

- A compliments slip with my schedule and a 'to' and 'from'. This may also be personalised with an added message from you if you wish.

- a leaflet with information about the range of services and options available and their different benefits.

- a leaflet with Advice and Care Information for Before, During and After Massage, and where appropriate, a leaflet with Advice and Care Information for Before, During and After Reflexology.

- A 'reminder' service - if I haven't been contacted to book in within 1 month, I contact the recipient myself.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Going Towards 2017... New Prices

I am fully booked up to the end of this year, and I am booking into January. From the 5th of December I will start taking bookings for February. So, I decided rather than wait till Jan 1st to put my new year prices here on my website, it would make more sense to do it now as that is the price that anyone booking me from now on will be paying. So all prices on my website are now 2017 prices.

(NB if there is a cancellation and you get an appointment in 2016, you will of course be charged 2016 prices.)

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A Parting Gift from my Loyalty Card Scheme

In July I decided to stop using loyalty cards. At that point I stopped giving out loyalty cards to new clients. I didn't want to suddenly take it away when people were expecting and looking forward to an upcoming discounted or free session, so I emailed my mailing list and gave 3 months notice. That 3 months is now up! No more stamps will be given.

I am giving you another 2 months to use the stamps you already have on your card - to the end of this year. To be as fair and as simple as possible, each stamp now has a value of 5%. Any remaining stamps on your card will be traded in at the value of 5% off per stamp at your next session with me.

In most cases this increases the value of the stamps on your card. Eg if you have 8 stamps, which were worth 25% off, that is now 8 x 5% =40% off. 12 stamps, which were worth half price, are now 12 x 5% = 60% off. A bit of a parting gift from my loyalty scheme.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

When Is Your Next Available Appointment?

I am usually fully booked up to around 5-7 weeks in advance. Book well in advance to avoid disappointment, particularly for those who need evening or weekend appointments. If you are only looking for a same day or next day appointment, this is highly unlikely to be available.

Please also see Short Notice Appointments: If you get a cancellation will you let me know? 

How Far Ahead Can I Book You?

Over the last year or so, I have been taking bookings up to a maximum of 3 calendar months ahead. I've decided to rein that in a bit.

From 1st April, I will open up my diary for bookings for the month of June.
From 1st May, I will open up my diary for bookings for the month of July.

So at the beginning of each month you can schedule 3 full months ahead with me. But then as we go through each month, it will just be to the end of that month + two months.

Not having my schedule fixed so far in advance will allow me a little more flexibility as opportunities come along. It will be fairer for those clients who don't know their schedule or when they want to come so far ahead. Plus it should reduce the amount of rescheduling needed as peoples plans change.

I hope this will work out better for most of us.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Short Notice Appointments: When You Get a Cancellation - Will You Let Me Know?

Due to people needing to cancel or reschedule, appointments are occasionally available at short notice. I keep a waiting list of people who have asked to be informed if something comes up. Do let me know if you would like to be added to it, and by all means any brief notes to add on which days and times you would, or would not, be interested in. Even though there are often several people on the list, as they all have different availability it is still worthwhile to be added if you are interested in short notice appointments.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Handing over Holistic Therapists Support Group to new Co-ordinators

Isobel Hamid and I set up Lancaster Local Support Group five years ago, in association with the FHT - the Federation of Holistic Therapists - the largest and leading professional association for complementary, beauty and sports therapists in the UK and Ireland. Having been voluntary Co-ordinators for the group ever since including organising 47 meetings with speakers on a wide range of topics we are stepping down at the end of this year and handing over to new Co-ordinators Sarah Bowers and Fran Leaver. 
From January 2016 they will continue to offer 9 meetings a year at the St John's Hospice (at Beaumont Bridge, Slyne Road, Lancaster, LA2 6ST) though now in the Oak Centre instead of in the Education Room.

I am passing the group on in deep gratitude to all the speakers to date for their time and efforts. Most of our speakers have been local practitioners. We are very lucky to have people with such a range of knowledge and skills in this area. 

I am also grateful to all our lovely attendees, who have made it such a friendly group, whether attending regularly or occasionally, especially those who have made the trip to join us from further afield in North Lancashire and right across South Cumbria.

Lastly, I am very grateful to Fran and Sarah for taking on the work to enable to group to continue, and wishing them all the best and looking forward to seeing what speakers and topics we have in the future. :)

I did have a whole page on this website about the group, but with stepping down I am removing it today, but I wanted to keep a record here as I am very proud to supporting the very many practitioners who have attended regularly or occasionally from not just locally but from further afield in North Lancashire and right across South Cumbria.