Monday, 22 November 2010

Open Evening of Beauty & Holistic Therapies

Thursday 2nd December from 5 - 9pm.
Concept Hair & Beauty
41 China Street, Lancaster, LA1 1EX
Please come along and socialise with the Concept team over free wine and nibbles!
Taster treatment sessions - approx 15 mins - available for only £5.
Holistic Therapist Ceri Turner of Holistyx will be offering
- Upper Back Massage (from shoulder blades to neck and shoulders)
- Indian Head Massage
- Hand Massage
- Reflexology
Beauty Therapist, Sonia Gilmore will be offering
- Finger Nail File & Polish
- Eyebrow Waxing
- Eyebrow Threading
The Concept hair stylists will also be on hand for hair consultation and information.
Tel Concept on 01524 63903 if you'd like more info.
This is the first Lancaster late night Christmas shopping, first Thursday in December, so if you are planning to take advantage of the shops opening late, why not also come and chill out for a while with us, have some refreshments and treat yourself to a bit of pampering. it sometimes seems 'Tis the Season to be stressed out' running around preparing for the 'big day'! Don't forget to take some time out to enjoy yourself and look after yourself as well!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

What do my previous clients think of my service?

I recently emailed my mailing list and asked if my clients would submit a rating/review of Holistyx to - a free business directory.

Having reviews helps me by giving feedback on the services I provide, showing those searching what they can expect from a treatment from me, and also improves my listing - making it appear higher in a search. I also wanted to create a testimonials page here and though I already had a few testimonials (snippets of which are on my leaflet) I wanted some new up to date ones.

Well, so far 5 people have responded with a review - all very high ratings (on average 4.93 out of 5!) and wonderful positive feedback about me and the effectiveness of my treatments which has made me feel very appreciated!

You can see the reviews over at Free Index. I think its an excellent idea to have an independant site like that provide a review function. I don't know about you, but when shopping on the net I have sometimes read a page full of glowing quotes from satisfied customers and thought "Yeah, BUT ... how do I know these are genuine customers?" This way you know I am not making it up!!

Having said that (!) these and my older testimonials are also here on a new page on my website. Go check them out!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Now Available on Mondays at Concept Hair and Beauty!

Concept Hair and Beauty is right in the middle of Lancaster town centre. It is at number 41 China Street, which is on the one way system round town, next to Sue Bridges Estate Agents and just round the corner from Market Street and the main shopping area.

There is a beauty room at the back of the salon which is used by beauty therapist Sonia Gilmore Tuesday to Saturdays and is now home to Holistyx on Mondays! I am available from 9am when the salon opens right through to 7.30pm.

So if you work in town, why not make an appointment to come along after work, for a bit of relaxation at the end of a hard day? A lot of people suffer from work related stress, what better way to unwind, relax, and enable yourself to enjoy your evening and cope better the next day than finishing your work day with a relaxing massage? Or perhaps, with the central location, you might even fit in a massage or reflexology treatment before work or in your lunch break?

My full range of treatments, Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy massage and Reflexology are available. The staff at the salon do not make appointments for me, as I need to speak to you to make sure the treatment you wish to have is suitable for you, but they are happy to take your name and number and pass them on to me - for me to contact you - if you wish. Or just give me a ring on 07888 692803.

Friday, 17 September 2010

World Reflexology Week- SPECIAL OFFER!

World Reflexology Week starts in a couple of days - on Monday 22nd September.
To encourage more people to try Reflexology. I am offering a discounted rate of an hour for £20 or 45 mins for £15. For those of you that have had Reflexology before, you can still enjoy the discounted rate. First come, first served, so email me now at or ring or text me on 07888 692803 and make an appointment!

Would you like to know more about Reflexology? Click on the 'About Reflexology' tab at the top of this page - Ive just updated it to explain in more detail the theory behind Reflexology, the benefits you may experience from treatment, and what happens in a Reflexology session.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Photos and social networking links

I've just added a slideshow to the sidebar - what do you think? I really need to get a more up to date photograph of myself though. My hair is below my shoulders and I know people don't always recognise me from that photo! I did get my parents to take one of me in my clinic uniform with my hair all tied back the way it has to be, but I didn't like the way it came out.

I've added buttons below each blog post so you can share posts you like by email or on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz or your own Blogger Blog. There is now also a 'share it' link in the sidebar on the right for Facebook and Twitter (scroll down a ways to find it). So far, so good. But, I also added a 'like this' gadget. Which... says that 49,331 people like my blog!!! Err, no! So, what has happened there then, I got the code straight from Facebook. I don't want to lose the function but I don't want that figure there either!

(Some time later).. I found a much cooler Facebook gadget called a 'Like Box' which includes snapshots of my most recent posts. So I am getting rid of the Facebook Badge I had in the sidebar before (which you can see in my post announcing I've joined Facebook) and I'll also get rid of the bizarre 'like this' gadget which says that 49,331 had liked my blog! But I'll leave it for a while for my readers to laugh at! Meanwhile, please go ahead and click on either 'like' if you like! ;-)

PPS Ok, I've now got rid of the very wierd malfunctioning gadget which had counted over 72 thousand people as liking my blog!!!

Monday, 5 July 2010

About Swedish Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy

I've now put information on the pages 'About Swedish Massage', 'About Indian Head Massage', 'About Reflexology' and 'About Aromatherapy'. So, if you want to know a bit more about treatments I offer - such as what happens in a session, and what the benefits are - have a look!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Extra pages on my blog

Notice the links across the top of my blog?
Home - Location - What is the Consultation For? - Before You Make An Appointment - Discounts -
Blogspot have just made it so you can add extra pages like this.
This has meant I can take some of this information out of my sidebar and give it a proper page of its own, and some of the info I have put in past blog posts (like discounts info and where to find me complete with map) can also have their own pages clearly linked to. :O)

Monday, 21 June 2010

Holistyx now has a Facebook Page

I have just created a facebook page. Still working out how to use it and what content I might want to put on there. My first idea is a tip of the week, for things like (these are the ideas I have had so far!) aromatherapy tips (perhaps corresponding to the season), tips on muscular-skeletal problems and prevention - eg how to avoid back problems or how to respond if your back does 'go out'- ways to look after yourself and counter stress, snippets of news from the latest research into health and wellbeing and the therapies I offer.


Promote your Page too

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Change of Hours

Please note my usual availability for appointments will now be as follows:

Mondays 11am - 7pm
Tuesdays 9.30am - 2.00pm; 7 - 9pm for an extra £5 charge
Wednesdays Not available
Thursdays 9.30am - 7pm
Friday Not available
Saturday 1 - 6pm

However my schedule does vary upon occasion so other times may be available - please do ask.

Please ring or email me to make an appointment rather than dropping in to Healing Hands, as I only rent a room and so I will not be there unless I am with a client.

Also please note that while you are welcome to phone me to see if a same-day appointment is possible, it is much more likely for me to be able to arrange this if you ring before 9.30am.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Here is a sample of my new look vouchers:

Previously my vouchers had no 'use by' date. Now, at purchase, all vouchers are given an issue date, and an expiry date exactly 12 weeks later after which point they may no longer be used. I feel 3 months gives plenty of time for an appointment to taken up.

I have made this change to avoid either a person leaving it so long to contact me to book an appointment that they are too embarrassed to do so and the voucher is wasted; or several people deciding to make use of their vouchers all at the same time, which would create a cash flow problem for me having to pay for the room hire when the money was gone months before!

I have also included a space for you to write in who the voucher is to, and who it is from.

Still wondering what to buy for Mothers Day? If you would like to get a voucher, please get in touch. Vouchers are available in amounts corresponding to treatment times, ie £22 for 45 minutes, £27 for 1 hour, etc. Or give a voucher for £10 or £15 towards a treatment. I even have envelopes printed for that special touch.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New Year, New Prices, New Discount Offers!

New prices
As I mentioned in my last blog post my prices are going up a little. Just £2 a session to cover costs, so my rates are still lower than most of the other therapists I have seen advertised in this area.
45 mins (3/4 hr) = £22, 60 mins (1 hour) = £27,
75 mins (hour and a 1/4) = £32, 90 mins (hour and a 1/2) = £37,
105 mins (hour and 3/4) = £42, 120 mins (2 hours) = £47

However, essential oils can now be added to any treatment for FREE!
I am dropping the £2.50 extra charge. They are very high quality expensive oils, which is why I was charging extra for them, but I have this box full of potent and beautiful smelling oils with a limited shelf life and the majority of my clients are not making use of this wonderful therapeutic resource. I want to be sure all of you have the opportunity to add the many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of essential oils to your treatment if you wish, without being put off by the price.

My previous discount system of % off turned out a bit complicated to calculate and remember, so I am changing to something simpler. I've also been asked to give some discount to people who can book 3 weekly appointments, so I have. Always happy to get feedback and suggestions. :O)

Discounts For Regular Appointments
For 5 appointments pre-booked and pre-paid in cash:
an appointment once a week = £20 off the total fee
an appointment every 2 weeks = £15 off the total fee
an appointment every 3 weeks = £10 off the total fee

So, for example, if you came for an hour session once a week for 5 weeks, without the discount this would be a total cost of £135, with the weekly discount of £20 off it would cost £105.

Discounts For Recommending a Friend
£5 off your next treatment when a friend has a treatment on your recommendation.

I've updated my side bar with my 2010 prices and am going to be out and about town today to replace my leaflets with updated ones. I'll try not to miss any, but I always make sure people know the cost before making an appointment anyway.

I've also made a new banner for the top of my blog page - what do you think?