Wednesday, 26 September 2012

World Reflexology Week and a fabulous Testimonial


Its World Reflexology Week! I am really busy this week though, too busy to do any special promotions or get an influx of clients from a special offer!

BUT next Monday the 1st October is quiet - SO if you would like Reflexology on Monday? You can have £5 off my usual prices.

 Eg an hour session, usually £29, offer price only £24. On Monday only - so book now to be sure to get in on the offer! Phone 07888 692803.

Fabulous Reflexology Testimonial 

"Yesterday Ceri visited House Morgain and did a reflexology treatment on my feet. I knew the basics of how it works but had never actually had the experience before. It did always seem logical to me because there are so many nerve endings in the feet. I also knew how sensitively feet express emotions. But in my long experience over decades it is not so much the -ology or the -ism as it who does it. This is certainly true of Ceri. She is a gentle, patient, deeply intuitive healer who yet has that touch of ruthless certainty where to be tough. Again and again she “touched on” a zone which connected with the health problems I have, without me telling her what they are. She “listened” to my body and then talked to it in no uncertain terms! It was a delicious experience of trust to receive her care. Safe hands. Afterwards I went to bed and slept deeply, more deeply and more thoroughly than I have in months. The stresses of these challenging months fell away from me. Today I am striding about, lighter on my feet than for so long. My back is stronger. My head which was muzzy with fatigue, has cleared. My mind is bright and quick and I have cleared a big load of work so I’m caught up. Plus done some satisfying tidying around the House and handled some bundles of complexity without strain. Who is this woman I am today? I like her! To all those who live anywhere near Lancaster I so envy you. You can go Ceri at Holystix to get refreshed, heal, gain strength and increase brightness and pleasure in life. You lucky people!"

Shan Morgain, Newport, Gwent. 17th August 2012

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