Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Going Towards 2017... New Prices

I am fully booked up to the end of this year, and I am booking into January. From the 5th of December I will start taking bookings for February. So, I decided rather than wait till Jan 1st to put up my new year prices it would make more sense to do it now as that is the price that anyone booking me from now on will be paying. So all prices on my website are now 2017 prices.

(NB if there is a cancellation and you get an appointment in 2016, you will of course be charged 2016 prices.)

The full price lists for all the different treatment options are given on my Price List page, and on the pages about particular treatment types, eg Swedish Massage, Reflexology, etc.

As I am continuing to charge by time, rather than by what I do in the time - e.g. if you have an hour of Indian head massage it costs the same as an hour of Reflexology - here's a handy sum up of the difference between my 2016 and 2017 prices.

However, please note that hour and 3/4 sessions are no longer offered for new clients. I am including the prices here for benefit of regular clients I have agreed to continue this option for.

Also, half hour sessions are not available for a first appointment (which is why they are not included in my price lists). Please enquire after your first session if you are interested in half hour sessions.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A Parting Gift from my Loyalty Card Scheme

In July I decided to stop using loyalty cards. At that point I stopped giving out loyalty cards to new clients. I didn't want to suddenly take it away when people were expecting and looking forward to an upcoming discounted or free session, so I emailed my mailing list and gave 3 months notice. That 3 months is now up! No more stamps will be given.

I am giving you another 2 months to use the stamps you already have on your card - to the end of this year. To be as fair and as simple as possible, each stamp now has a value of 5%. Any remaining stamps on your card will be traded in at the value of 5% off per stamp at your next session with me.

In most cases this increases the value of the stamps on your card. Eg if you have 8 stamps, which were worth 25% off, that is now 8 x 5% =40% off. 12 stamps, which were worth half price, are now 12 x 5% = 60% off. A bit of a parting gift from my loyalty scheme.