Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Festive Season Availability

I hope you aren't getting too stressed out by all the pressures of the season!

This week I am available as usual. Ie Monday I was at
Concept Hair and Beauty and on Thursday and Saturday afternoons I'll be at my Therapy Room in East Road (follow the links for location details and photos). I'm now fully booked tomorrow but if you fancy a massage or Reflexology de-stress on Saturday (perhaps after facing the shops!) or you'd like to treat visiting friends and family (I've had a few people request that, you lovely lot) I am available. Perhaps with some Frankincense for a festive yet deeply relaxing effect!

Next week I will be available on Friday the 23rd of Dec instead of Thurs 22nd. For urgent treatment, I would be available on Saturday 24th Dec - Christmas Eve.

Between Christmas and New Year I will be taking a week off for the first time in 6 years - really looking forward to it!

First week of January I think Concept will be shut for the Bank Holiday on Monday 2nd of January, but if you would like an appointment on that day let me know and I will check if I can do so at East Road. If you are feeling rather sluggish and worse for wear after overindulging in food and drink, I can provide a de-toxing treatment to help your liver recover, and get your pep back!

Also, as a follow up about Christmas Gift Vouchers, its not too late! If you are worried about the Christmas post, you can come and buy one from me at either of my locations on the days I am there, if you arrange a time with me to make sure I am in, as well as through the post as I detail on my webpage.

Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas and a very Healthy, Happy New Year!


Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Can you think of one of your friends or family who would really enjoy, appreciate and benefit from a massage or some Reflexology, but might not treat themselves to it?

Or, are you struggling to think what to buy someone? Maybe they seem to have everything they want, or you'd like to get them something a little bit different rather than the same old same old?

For a thoughtful, special, quality Christmas gift, how about buying them a Holistyx voucher?
Vouchers are valid for 12 weeks from the date of purchase, the expiry date is given on the voucher.

To purchase a gift voucher, please email, phone of facebook me if you like with the following details:- Your full name, address and telephone number.
- The name of the recipent - the person the gift is for.
- Their address if you would like me to send the voucher directly to them, plus any message you would like to me to include.
- Their contact number if you would like me to ring them a couple of weeks before the expiry date to remind them in the event that they have not yet booked an appointment.

- the amount of the voucher (you buy them the time, they choose which treatment they want to use it for)
£17 for a half an hour session (eg arms and hands)£22 for a 45 min session (eg back massage, legs and feet massage)
£27 for an hour session (eg Reflexology, Indian head massage, or back, neck, upper chest and shoulders massage)
£32 for 1 1/4 hr session (eg Extended Reflexology or Indian head massage or Swedish full body massage)
£37 for an hour and a half session (eg an Aromatherapy full body or Swedish full body intensive massage)
£42 for a 1 3/4 hr session (eg full body Aroma luxury massage)or for £10, or £15 towards a session.

I will tell you my mailing address, and you can send me a cheque for the appropriate amount.

Then I will post you or the recipient the voucher as soon as I receive your cheque, in an envelope printed with my own little tree design.

Merry Christmas tree 2 copy.jpg

Monday, 18 July 2011

NEW! Indian Head Massage Back Special.

I am really excited about this new session, developed with a client who asked me to combine Swedish Back Massage with Indian Head Massage. I really love it! So does one of my regular clients who tried it and now has switched to this as her regular session. It costs £37 and takes an hour and a half to get your whole upper body really well worked and deeply relaxed. First you lie down on your front on the couch for deep work on whole back using both Swedish and Indian techniques, really working on any knots and areas of tension. Then you turn over (covered with a towel) for Swedish work on the upper chest/neck/shoulders, and Ayur Vedic pressure points on face and scalp. Then (with a velcroed towel wrap) you get up and sit on a chair for full head massage and hair stroking, followed by more work - Indian style - to any remaining tension or knots in the neck and shoulders and then going down the arms. Finishing with the chakras and energy field being balanced and grounded. Come and try it out - phone me on 07888 692803 and book today!

PS - there is more information about Indian Head Massage here. :)

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Location Change - Goodbye Healing Hands, Hello 1 East Road!

Isobel Hamid of 'Healing Hands' closed down 'The Bridge Clinic' next to Skerton Bridge on the 27th May. I've been renting a room there for 2 1/2 years and have grown very at home and fond of the place and was sorry to see it go! Isobel is now at Riverway House just round the corner, with both her 'Healing Hands' practice and the 'Ultima Physio' and 'Altissima Training' parts of her work that she had been developing at Total Fitness gym before its sudden closure.

As I have been working at Concept Health and Beauty on China Street on Mondays since October last year, I initially explored the idea of using the treatment room there on my other days (Thursday and Saturday). Sonia, the Beauty Therapist who is there Tuesday to Saturday, initially thought we could work round each other, but she has become so busy lately she realised it just wouldn't work out. So, I decided to have a look around at other options and ... I have found somewhere REALLY nice!

More info to follow soon!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Federation of Holistic Therapists Lancaster Local Support Group - update

Most local people will probably have heard that Total Fitness was suddenly closed a few weeks ago. That left my joint-co-ordinator, Isobel Hamid , without a venue for her training school, and us as a group without a venue for the FHT Lancaster Local Support Group. Our March and April meetings have therefore been cancelled. Isobel has got a new place at Riverway House and thanks to FHT member Sarah Bowers, Nurse Complementary Therapy Co-ordinator at the local St. John's Hospice, we have got the go-ahead to use the main lounge/ education room in the Hospice for the support group. It is on on the A6 at Beaumont Bridge - Slyne Road, Lancaster, LA2 6ST.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Federation of Holistic Therapists Lancaster Local Support Group

A Lancaster based support group for practitioners in the fields of Complementary and Holistic Health, Beauty and Sports Therapy was recently set up by myself and fellow therapist Isobel Hamid in association with the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists).

Monthly meetings on Mondays 7-9pm, will provide opportunities to hear talks, see demonstrations, network, and exchange information and ideas, and participate in various activities and events such as therapy swaps, training, and promotional events. The meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend. Fee: £5.00 for FHT members and £7.00 for non-members.

Our first meeting in January had a good turn out of 27 people, mostly therapists who had been informed about the new group by the FHT; and focused on giving information about our plans and ideas for the group, getting feedback and suggestions, and general networking. Feedback forms gave universally positive feedback, that the meeting was informative, interesting, and enjoyable and that people are looking forward to future talks, events, etc. I very much enjoyed meeting everyone and got one of the types of support I had hoped for by arranging some therapy swaps for both Massage and Reflexology. Fabulous!

Our second meeting in February had a demonstration by Isobel Hamid of Cupping. By using specially heated glass jars as an aid to massage, a vacuum is created to increase blood flow and movement of body fluids, stimulate muscles and enhance internal organ function.

Our March meeting will include a talk by Shelan Holden of Women's Aid.

A Facebook group has been set up Here. Feel free to join, and share any bits of info or weblinks that you feel group members may be interested in, particularly if they are local.

Are you a therapist? - you are welcome to post a short intro about yourself and a link to your website if you wish (there is a shared document to which you may also add your weblink and which therapies you offer).

Be aware that this is an open group - everyone on Facebook can view the group and join. The group will appear in search results and all content (e.g., photos, videos and discussions) is visible to anyone viewing the group.

Let me know if you'd like me to add you to my email mailing list for info on future meetings. We have demos and talks in the pipeline on Women's Aid, Yoga, Alexander Technique, Acupuncture, plus plans for a Therapy Market (items for sale) and a Therapy Swap evening.

PS - For more information I have a page about the Group. FHT LLSG