Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Extra pages on my blog

Notice the links across the top of my blog?
Home - Location - What is the Consultation For? - Before You Make An Appointment - Discounts -
Blogspot have just made it so you can add extra pages like this.
This has meant I can take some of this information out of my sidebar and give it a proper page of its own, and some of the info I have put in past blog posts (like discounts info and where to find me complete with map) can also have their own pages clearly linked to. :O)

Monday, 21 June 2010

Holistyx now has a Facebook Page

I have just created a facebook page. Still working out how to use it and what content I might want to put on there. My first idea is a tip of the week, for things like (these are the ideas I have had so far!) aromatherapy tips (perhaps corresponding to the season), tips on muscular-skeletal problems and prevention - eg how to avoid back problems or how to respond if your back does 'go out'- ways to look after yourself and counter stress, snippets of news from the latest research into health and wellbeing and the therapies I offer.


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