Monday, 16 August 2010

Photos and social networking links

I've just added a slideshow to the sidebar - what do you think? I really need to get a more up to date photograph of myself though. My hair is below my shoulders and I know people don't always recognise me from that photo! I did get my parents to take one of me in my clinic uniform with my hair all tied back the way it has to be, but I didn't like the way it came out.

I've added buttons below each blog post so you can share posts you like by email or on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz or your own Blogger Blog. There is now also a 'share it' link in the sidebar on the right for Facebook and Twitter (scroll down a ways to find it). So far, so good. But, I also added a 'like this' gadget. Which... says that 49,331 people like my blog!!! Err, no! So, what has happened there then, I got the code straight from Facebook. I don't want to lose the function but I don't want that figure there either!

(Some time later).. I found a much cooler Facebook gadget called a 'Like Box' which includes snapshots of my most recent posts. So I am getting rid of the Facebook Badge I had in the sidebar before (which you can see in my post announcing I've joined Facebook) and I'll also get rid of the bizarre 'like this' gadget which says that 49,331 had liked my blog! But I'll leave it for a while for my readers to laugh at! Meanwhile, please go ahead and click on either 'like' if you like! ;-)

PPS Ok, I've now got rid of the very wierd malfunctioning gadget which had counted over 72 thousand people as liking my blog!!!

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