Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New Year, New Prices, New Discount Offers!

New prices
As I mentioned in my last blog post my prices are going up a little. Just £2 a session to cover costs, so my rates are still lower than most of the other therapists I have seen advertised in this area.
45 mins (3/4 hr) = £22, 60 mins (1 hour) = £27,
75 mins (hour and a 1/4) = £32, 90 mins (hour and a 1/2) = £37,
105 mins (hour and 3/4) = £42, 120 mins (2 hours) = £47

However, essential oils can now be added to any treatment for FREE!
I am dropping the £2.50 extra charge. They are very high quality expensive oils, which is why I was charging extra for them, but I have this box full of potent and beautiful smelling oils with a limited shelf life and the majority of my clients are not making use of this wonderful therapeutic resource. I want to be sure all of you have the opportunity to add the many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of essential oils to your treatment if you wish, without being put off by the price.

My previous discount system of % off turned out a bit complicated to calculate and remember, so I am changing to something simpler. I've also been asked to give some discount to people who can book 3 weekly appointments, so I have. Always happy to get feedback and suggestions. :O)

Discounts For Regular Appointments
For 5 appointments pre-booked and pre-paid in cash:
an appointment once a week = £20 off the total fee
an appointment every 2 weeks = £15 off the total fee
an appointment every 3 weeks = £10 off the total fee

So, for example, if you came for an hour session once a week for 5 weeks, without the discount this would be a total cost of £135, with the weekly discount of £20 off it would cost £105.

Discounts For Recommending a Friend
£5 off your next treatment when a friend has a treatment on your recommendation.

I've updated my side bar with my 2010 prices and am going to be out and about town today to replace my leaflets with updated ones. I'll try not to miss any, but I always make sure people know the cost before making an appointment anyway.

I've also made a new banner for the top of my blog page - what do you think?

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