Thursday, 11 March 2010


Here is a sample of my new look vouchers:

Previously my vouchers had no 'use by' date. Now, at purchase, all vouchers are given an issue date, and an expiry date exactly 12 weeks later after which point they may no longer be used. I feel 3 months gives plenty of time for an appointment to taken up.

I have made this change to avoid either a person leaving it so long to contact me to book an appointment that they are too embarrassed to do so and the voucher is wasted; or several people deciding to make use of their vouchers all at the same time, which would create a cash flow problem for me having to pay for the room hire when the money was gone months before!

I have also included a space for you to write in who the voucher is to, and who it is from.

Still wondering what to buy for Mothers Day? If you would like to get a voucher, please get in touch. Vouchers are available in amounts corresponding to treatment times, ie £22 for 45 minutes, £27 for 1 hour, etc. Or give a voucher for £10 or £15 towards a treatment. I even have envelopes printed for that special touch.

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