Thursday, 29 November 2018

🎁 Gift Vouchers

With Christmas coming up, a few people have been asking me if I do gift vouchers. Yes I do.

However please be aware that appointments will not be available immediately. A 5-8 week wait is usual. However, vouchers are valid for 4 months. Also, if you give me the recipients phone number or email address, if they haven't contacted me after a month I will contact them to remind them to book in.

In order for the person you are sending it to, to receive your gift voucher in the post by Christmas Day, please pay and give me details required (see below) by 3pm on Wednesday 19th December. ✉

They receive a voucher, full info on my services and treatment options, my schedule, and advice and information about what to be aware of before, during and after a massage or Reflexology.

Sessions include consultation and treatment time.

An easy pay option is now available through PayPal Me.

Contact me if you would prefer a different method of payment.

To pay now on PayPal click the appropriate link:

For a 45 min session (eg back massage) £32. PayPal.Me/CeriTurner/32

For an hour (eg Indian head massage or extended back massage) £40. PayPal.Me/CeriTurner/40

For an hour and a 1/4 (eg Reflexology) £48. PayPal.Me/CeriTurner/48

For an hour and a half (eg full body massage) £56. PayPal.Me/CeriTurner/56

Then, email me on or Messenger /FB message me please to let me know:

Your full name:

The name of the recipient - the person the gift is for:

The name and address to post the voucher to (whether that be your own or that of the recipient):

Their contact phone number or email address:

Any message you would like to me to include:

If you have not already paid me by PayPal please also let me know what length of session you wish to purchase.

πŸŽ„Thanks! πŸŽ…

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