Wednesday, 14 November 2018

🎉 10 Year Anniversary Party!

The 1st November 2018 was the 10 Year Anniversary of Holistyx. So I had a party to celebrate!

(The photo above is from mid way through, one person sadly had already left and a couple more hadn't arrived yet, but - apart from my family - we got nearly everyone who attended in.)

I started Holistyx in 2008. To start with I was also doing other work, and only had a couple of clients a week from a room rented from Isobel Hamid at Healing Hands in Skerton. From 2010 to 2012 I was also using a room at the back of Concept Hair and Beauty on China Street with Trish Smiley.

Then June 2011 I was introduced to Rvd Phil Hudd through a mutual friend, and set up the first room entirely my own in his home, Christ Church vicarage, where I have been ever since, and where my business has grown into an increasingly busy full time business.

It was such a lovely occasion.  It was a chance for me to get together with and say thank you to some of the people who have been part of the journey to making Holistyx the successful business it is now.

After all I wouldn't be making a living doing something I love without the people who have supported me as clients.

My apologies to all the clients, friends and supportive colleagues who I didn't invite due to limited space! I invited those who have been coming to me for the longest and a few who are very frequent clients - but you are all appreciated. ❤️

I put on some drinks and nibbles, and some of my clients brought more nibbles, drinks, and even vegan chocolate cake and vegan orange and cinnamon cake.

Sadly my 'landlord' Phil wasn't around to join us - nor his 2 lovely collie dogs, who many of my clients are very fond of! But I did have my family there to support me, and it was lovely to see them meeting my clients and my clients meeting them - my partner, son, step-daughter, and my 8 year old step-granddaughter entertaining people with gymnastics! 

I was given lots of cards (which you can see here) - and even one (in the middle of the top row) which is hand made especially!

A few people surprised me with presents! I haven't photographed all of these (though they were all very much appreciated) but did want to share with people the lovely flowers: 

I had a wonderful time, and lots of those who came (and a couple who couldn't make it) have been asking me when I will have another one! I have promised to do another one if/when I get to 15 years. :) 

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