Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Vouchers for the Holiday Season - special offer!

Are you running out of good present ideas for Christmas or other seasonal holidays?

Do you know someone who would really enjoy, appreciate and benefit from a treatment?

Do you sometimes find it difficult to find the right thing to give a special person?

For a thoughtful, special, quality gift...

- Buy a Holistyx voucher!

My prices are due to go up on the 1st of January by a couple of pounds a session. So, an hour session (eg reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Swedish Back Massage) will be £27 instead of £25, an hour and a 1/4 session (eg Swedish Full Body Massage) will be ££32 instead of £30, and an hour and a half session (eg an Aromatherapy Full Body Massage) will be £37 instead of £35. But as I still have in stock several vouchers printed up for £15, £20, £25, £30 and £35, I am doing an offer on these:

For any vouchers bought up to and including the end of December, if the voucher is redeemed against a treatment by the end of January, I'll charge 2009 prices. Ie a £25 voucher bought in December and used in January will be worth an hour session. If the voucher is redeemed later than that, I'll charge the £2 extra.

1. Send me a cheque (contact me for my home address) and I'll post a voucher first class in a festive envelope complete with my leaflet of information and contact details - either to you or directly to the person the gift is for.

2. Contact me and arrange to meet me to pay me in cash, and I will give the voucher directly to you.

If you prefer, I can also produce vouchers at 2010 prices.

Happy Holidays!

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