Friday, 27 March 2009


I thought it would be useful to provide details on the location of the clinic where I hire a room -
Healing Hands, The Bridge Clinic, 14 Owen Road, Lancaster, LA1 2AR.

Here it is, marked on a map, and what the front of the shop looks like -

Can you see the skeleton in the window?!

If you've driven into Lancaster from Morecambe you might have noticed it on your left just before you cross the Lune River over Skerton Bridge.


Driving - From Morecambe is straightforward From Lancaster you just need to go over the Greyhound Bridge, circle round to your right into Morecambe Road, past Our Ladies High School and Ryelands Park, and right again into Owen Road, and there is car parking on your right, where there is a bay of shops directly opposite the clinic.

Bus - The clinic is right on a main bus route between Lancaster and Morecambe.

Walking - You can walk there over the Skerton Bridge, or the rather nicer Millenium Bridge from Quay Road which takes you straight into Lune Street, which comes out on Owen Road and the clinic is just across the road on your left.

Train - You can see the train station on the map. Either walk from there - or walk to the bus station which is just off the near side of Cable Street, and get a bus from there.

If you need any more help working out how to get there,
try using multimap. You get a choice of 4 different types of map, you can zoom in and out, and if you look at the tabs across the top, there is even an option to 'get directions' from the location of your choice!

Or of course, feel free to contact me. :O)

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