Thursday, 7 May 2009

Easy way to get a 25% DISCOUNT! - recommend a friend!

A lot of people prefer to go to a therapist that has been recommended to them. That way, they feel more confident that they will feel comfortable with the therapist, and that they will receive a good quality treatment that gives them what they are looking for and is worth their time and money. That is why most therapy businesses grow more by word of mouth than by advertising.

So, if you have enjoyed a Holistyx treatment, please recommend me to people you know, and give them my phone number. As a thankyou, (and an incentive!) if someone books with me and tells me it was because of your recommendation I will give you a 25% discount off your next treatment session of an hour or longer.

My prices are already at the low end of the scale for the treatments I offer in comparison to other therapists, but with 25% off they become incredibly low.

An hour session, usually £25, becomes only £18.75!
An hour and a 1/4 session, usually £30 becomes only 22.50!
An hour and a 1/2 session, usually £35 becomes only 26.25!

So don't miss an opportunity to benefit everyone:
  • you will be helping the person you recommend me to, introducing them to a therapist you know does a good job
  • you will be helping me, introducing me to potential new clients that otherwise may not have heard of me, or considered coming to me for treatment
  • and last but not least, you will be rewarded by getting the same quality treatment for a remarkable bargain price!
Only one discount offer at a time.

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