Saturday, 21 February 2009

Lancaster Complementary Health Fair

Are you free on Saturday 14th March? Put the Lancaster Complementary Health Fair in your diary - its only £1.50 to come and look round! More details - including a list of the healing traditions and therapies represented can be found at -
The Lancaster Steiner School website

Please come and say hello if you are at all interested in the therapies I offer. :O)

Its an opportunity to meet me, have a chat, and find out a bit more about what I do or perhaps ask any questions you may have. Then perhaps you might like to try one of my taster sessions? As a treat in itself, or as a try-out to see if you'd like to come to me for a full treatment?

I'm still working out exactly what I'll be offering. Its a public space, and I want people to feel comfortable enough to really relax - so don't worry there won't be any stripping off needed! The sessions will be about 15 minutes, of which about 10 would be the actual treatment. I am currently thinking -

1. Arms and Hands, seated, perhaps using a mix of techniques from Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, AND Indian Head Massage, with a choice of Aromatherapy oil blends.
2. Feet, using the couch - either a foot rub, or some Reflexology.
3. Back - Indian Head Massage style (which is traditionally done fully clothed) either seated leaning forward onto the couch, or lying face down on the couch, if preferred.
4. Neck and Head - either Indian Head massage style, sat up.

I'll blog it up if I change my mind or pin it down more!

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