Thursday, 9 May 2013

Change to Loyalty Card Scheme

Its just over a year since I replaced my previous pre-pay for 5 session discount packages, with the current loyalty card scheme: 'stamps' for each visit which give you 25% or 50% off or a completely free treatment for a full card. I have reviewed the system, and feel on the whole it has worked well - the previous scheme only suited a few clients, whereas the new scheme benefits all my ongoing clients. Most people choose to wait until they have a full card and love the feeling of having a session completely free; but a few clients have also appreciated the option to take a 25% discount or a 50% discount if they are feeling particularly tight for money at that time. 

However on review, and noticing that some clients always have a shorter session and get one stamp, whereas others always have a longer session and get 2 stamps, I feel it would be fairer to give everyone 1 stamp per visit, regardless of the length of their session; so that some clients are not being rewarded a free session in half the time it takes others to receive one. 

So, in future its simplified, 1 session = 1 stamp. 

The time of the free treatment is the same as your usual session; if the length of session you have varies, it will be the average of your treatment sessions. If in doubt, I'll round up. :) 

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