Monday, 29 April 2013

New Reflexology Testimonial

Just received this lovely email - which I have permission to share:

"I must write to let you know that you are a MIRACLE WORKER!  From the minute you finished my reflexology treatment on Monday I have not have any lower back ache nor any muscle spasms in my left rib area which I'd been experiencing from either the bed or the armchair at the holiday cottage in Alnwick.  Fantastic.  Thought I'd wait a few days to make sure.  And I'm away in a hotel with my Mum so not even in my own bed and I'm back to my normal self.

Thank you! Best wishes, Penny"

Penny had earlier given me the following review on Free Index:

"I have visited Ceri at Holistyx for reflexology. She conducted a very thorough review of my health and my reasons for trying reflexology for the first time. A few days after my very first visit I realised that I no longer had the extremely annoying throat clearing cough I've had for over 40 years. It had been such an ever present part of my life I'd forgotten to mention it during the health review. It is over a month since my first visit and I'm about to have my third treatment and the cough has not returned. It's amazing! The sessions I've had have been extremely relaxing and I leave with a great sense of well-being. They are going to be a regular part of my keeping healthy regime." Penny Park


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