Thursday, 16 June 2011

Location Change - Goodbye Healing Hands, Hello 1 East Road!

Isobel Hamid of 'Healing Hands' closed down 'The Bridge Clinic' next to Skerton Bridge on the 27th May. I've been renting a room there for 2 1/2 years and have grown very at home and fond of the place and was sorry to see it go! Isobel is now at Riverway House just round the corner, with both her 'Healing Hands' practice and the 'Ultima Physio' and 'Altissima Training' parts of her work that she had been developing at Total Fitness gym before its sudden closure.

As I have been working at Concept Health and Beauty on China Street on Mondays since October last year, I initially explored the idea of using the treatment room there on my other days (Thursday and Saturday). Sonia, the Beauty Therapist who is there Tuesday to Saturday, initially thought we could work round each other, but she has become so busy lately she realised it just wouldn't work out. So, I decided to have a look around at other options and ... I have found somewhere REALLY nice!

More info to follow soon!

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