Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Handing over Holistic Therapists Support Group to new Co-ordinators

Isobel Hamid and I set up Lancaster Local Support Group five years ago, in association with the FHT - the Federation of Holistic Therapists - the largest and leading professional association for complementary, beauty and sports therapists in the UK and Ireland. Having been voluntary Co-ordinators for the group ever since including organising 47 meetings with speakers on a wide range of topics we are stepping down at the end of this year and handing over to new Co-ordinators Sarah Bowers and Fran Leaver. 
From January 2016 they will continue to offer 9 meetings a year at the St John's Hospice (at Beaumont Bridge, Slyne Road, Lancaster, LA2 6ST) though now in the Oak Centre instead of in the Education Room.

I am passing the group on in deep gratitude to all the speakers to date for their time and efforts. Most of our speakers have been local practitioners. We are very lucky to have people with such a range of knowledge and skills in this area. 

I am also grateful to all our lovely attendees, who have made it such a friendly group, whether attending regularly or occasionally, especially those who have made the trip to join us from further afield in North Lancashire and right across South Cumbria.

Lastly, I am very grateful to Fran and Sarah for taking on the work to enable to group to continue, and wishing them all the best and looking forward to seeing what speakers and topics we have in the future. :)

I did have a whole page on this website about the group, but with stepping down I am removing it today, but I wanted to keep a record here as I am very proud to supporting the very many practitioners who have attended regularly or occasionally from not just locally but from further afield in North Lancashire and right across South Cumbria.

The group provides the opportunity to:

- meet with others in a similar area of work - eg holistic therapists and complementary health and wellbeing practitioners - in the local area
- share information and ideas and discuss issues affecting our practice and our business.
- hear talks, and see demonstrations on a broad range of topics and practices, including opportunities to increase knowledge, awareness or skills.
- participate in Continuing Professional Development and gain CPD points for the FHT or other professional associations.
- learn about what services and events are on offer in the area for ourselves - or for our clients, enabling informed referrals and recommendations.
- promote our own services, or events and hear about those provided by others.
- foster mutual support and collaboration

Topics Covered 2011 - 2015:

Dru Yoga, 
Women's Aid and working with survivors of abuse, 
Somatic Movement, 
Life's Unseen Signposts, 
Massage Tools, 
Sound and Crystals,
No Hands Massage, 
Flower Remedies,
Cranial Osteopathy,
Hypnotherapy and EMDR,
Herbs on Your Doorstep,
Natural Nutrition and Naturopathy, 
The Alexander Technique,
8 Steps to Loving Life,
K.O.R.E. Therapy,
Eat to Feel Great,
Advanced Homeopathic DNA therapy for health optimisation,
Integrated Health Care, 
Hyperbaric Oxygen,
Family Therapy,
Dru Yoga, 
Stress and Nutrition,
Astrology as a tool for Personal Development,
Muscle Energy Techniques,
Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Massage,
Nutrition and the Gut,
 Social Media for Holistic Practitioners,
Re-imagining Healthcare: the Tara Project,
Reflexology swap,
Ayur Veda,
Trigger point therapy - helping to get your clients out of pain in a seated position,
Courageous and Compassionate Communication,
Treatments and Referrals: Exploring Contraindications, Triage, Comfort Zones, Red Flags and Boundaries in Bodywork,
Feldenwhat? An introduction to the Feldenkrais Method,
Personal and Professional Development for Holistic Businesses,
Bowen Technique, 
Manual Lymphatic Drainage,
Chakra Psychology - fulfilling the dream of becoming whole,
Thai Yoga Massage

The group is open to not only FHT members, but all holistic or complementary health and wellbeing practitioners, students and also members of the general public who are interested in health and wellbeing.

If you would like more information you can email Fran at

You may also like to join the Facebook group

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