Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage and Aromatherapy

What, no Aromatherapists around here trained for Pregnancy?

Last year, I got this message by email:
"I am currently pregnant and want to find out more about aromatherapy in pregnancy and also for labour and birth, I'd like to find out what safe and what is not and also how me and my partner can learn to use oils etc. properly, I was wondering if you would be able to help me or point me in the direction of someone who could?"
I said I would try and find someone who had training and experience in this area of work to pass her on to.

Now, I know of many professional and experienced massage therapists in Lancaster and nearby areas who are providing massage for pregnancy. But - having spent a long time searching online, and having asked other therapists, I was unable to find anyone providing Aromatherapy for pregnancy anywhere remotely near here. Also, I found an awful lot of conflicting information and advice about the safety and efficacy of different essential oils around online - not a reassuring experience for any pregnant woman looking to benefit from Aromatherapy! So, I decided I should do something about it.

There is now!

In March this year, I attended a 2 day course in London with Jo Kellet of fromtheseed in massage and Aromatherapy for pregnancy, labour and post-natal care accredited by the IFPA - the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists. I now provide pre-natal and post-natal massage and Aromatherapy. I can't be there for the labour but I can offer some advice for you and your birth partner.

So ... if you know of anyone who is pregnant or trying for a baby, or someone who has just had a baby, who you think might be interested in the many benefits of massage and Aromatherapy - please tell them about me. :) 

Why would someone want to use Aromatherapy or have a Massage during Pregnancy, or Post-Natally? 

Pregnancy is a time of enormous physical and emotional changes that come with the amazing process of growing a new human being inside you.

Some of these changes can be challenging. Aches and pains in muscles joints and nerves, swollen ankles, varicose veins, nausea in the first trimester, heartburn in the last, tiredness, perhaps some anxiety, particularly for new mums-to-be.

Massage as part of ante-natal care can give you more comfort and ease in your body, and look after your mental, emotional and physical health. Regular massage during pregnancy can help you to be more relaxed when you give birth, and even lead to less labour complications and better health for your baby.

After giving birth, your body needs to recover from the labour, and adapt to not being pregnant any more. You'll be dealing with hormone shifts, heightened emotions, and new challenges such as lifting, holding and carrying your baby, feeding, and interrupted sleep. Many women experience some baby blues, or some difficulties with establishing breastfeeding. Massage and Aromatherapy can help with these issues, and give mum some important support at a demanding time.

Want to know more? Check out my full page dedicated to explaining the many benefits of massage and Aromatherapy during pregnancy and post-natally, with a testimonial and photographs, some information about comfortable positioning, reassurance about safety issues, and also session times and prices.


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